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New ATP Navigator® Online Service is a Webbie Award Winner!

April 21, 2011 - This year the new ATP Navigator® online Service was an award winner for a Flight Global Webbie Award in the category of "Best Use of Digital Technology." The ATP Navigator® online service was originally announced in October 2010 at the NBAA Annual convention, and was officially made available to the public in April, 2011.

The Flight Global Webbies, now in their third year, added three new categories this year including "Best Use of Digital Technology." The ATP Navigator® online service is a based on the Software as a Service model (SaaS) and allows customers to access their ATP® regulatory and maintenance information, compliance tracking and maintenance intelligence over the Internet for improved time savings and productivity.

According to the Webbie Award announcement, the judges (who were given login details to explore the site) said: "It is quite impressive. The design is dated and the functionality a little clunky but I can see this being valuable to maintenance companies and putting the software online as a real benefit compared to the offline database system that preceded it. It seems very comprehensive and I very much like the Ask Bob feature - very customer focused."

According to Jeff Seiler, Director of Marketing at ATP, "Given the large number of entries the judges had to review, for an international group of aviation companies, we appreciate their feedback. Like them, we believe the Navigator online product is impressive, and for those customers looking for a deployment alternative, a real benefit and valuable advantage.

"In creating the system we felt that it was imperative to base it on the ATP Navigator® desktop system that tens of thousands of aviation maintenance professionals currently use. Throughout the years we have conducted customer surveys and usability studies where we received feedback expressing satisfaction with the interface, most users saying it is easy to use and intuitive.

"While the online system was completely redesigned and rebuilt with state-of-the-art online technology, the interface is based on, and carefully resembles, the ATP Navigator® desktop product. We wanted the same great user experience available to our customers if they choose to make the transition to the new Navigator online service.

"If this means our design is perceived as being a little dated, that is OK with us. Usability, functionality, and familiarity are much more important to ATP. For customers planning to move to the ATP Navigator® online service, we proudly say that you will be able to use it the same way as the Navigator desktop product. You will be able to use the same familiar and intuitive design as before with NO need for additional training! For new users, we would like you to know that, over the years, tens of thousands of customers have told us that the interface is intuitive and easy to learn.

"Again, our thanks to FlightGlobal and judges for recognizing the ATP Navigator online service in the 2010 Webbie Awards for Best Use of Digital Technology!"

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