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IndUS continues transition to China manufacturing

Dallas Texas based IndUS Aviation reports progress toward manufacturing in China. “IndUS is busy separating parts, tooling, jigs and supplies at the Dallas facility in preparation of packing equipment into containers to ship to the new factory. ” Scott Severen of IndUS Aviation reports.

“Plans continue as facilities, logistics, and systems are being designed for the IndUS China manufacturing facility in Weinan, China. The new factory needs to be set up to enable production to begin towards the end of the year. Our plan is to divide our parts supply in Dallas, sending some parts to Weinan, and keeping a supply in Dallas to service our existing customers until more parts become available from the new facility.” Said Ram Pattisapu, president of IndUS Aviation.

“This is an exciting time for IndUS, and a time of transition. Unfortunately, the ability to build new aircraft is on hold until the new factory is in production, so our focus is temporarily redirected, as we prepare for the future plans. While we won’t build anymore aircraft in Dallas this year, we will continue to support the fleet of Thorpedos with parts and customer service from Dallas.” he continued.

Francis Chao, managing director of Uniworld USA notes “IndUS is planning for a nice presentation in collaboration with a Chinese Pavilion and their Chinese colleagues at Oshkosh”.

IndUS Aviation, headquartered at Dallas Executive Airport, KRBD, in Dallas, Texas, manufactures the Thorpedo Light Sport Aircraft. The Thorpedo is based on the 1946 Type Certified Thorp T211. For more information contact IndUS Aviation at, or call 214-330-5300. IndUS Aviation, inc., Dallas Executive Airport 5687 Apollo Drive Dallas, TX 75234