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Oregon Aero® Aviation Headset and Helmet Upgrade Kits Make Flying What It Should Be: Pain-Free and Quiet

Face it: You fly for enjoyment, and eliminating pain and noise makes for a much more pleasant flying experience.

Oregon Aero, Inc. has understood that since its beginning and continues to manufacture products that bring comfort and improve safety -- like Aviation Headset and Helmet Upgrade Kits that transform existing equipment into pain-free, quieter flying. The Upgrade Kits eliminate pain, reduce overall sound pressure, improve intelligibility and transmission clarity, and keep ears drier and cooler. Plus, an upgrade is less costly than purchasing a new headset or helmet.

Oregon Aero engineered the Aviation Headset and Helmet Upgrade Kits piece-by-piece for maximum comfort and quiet, identifying factors that cause pain and noise. Users experience best results by installing all Kit components. Headset Upgrade Kits are custom-designed for more than 150 civilian, military, law enforcement, first responder and other headsets.

Aviation Helmet Upgrade Kits can be used for helmet types such as HGU, SPH®, CGF, MSA, IHADSS, CGF and Alpha.

Headset and Helmet Upgrade Kit components include:

SoftTop® Headset Cushion (headsets only): Eliminates top-of-head pressure. 100% plush sheepskin wool. Keeps head cool or warm. Moisture-proof, self-wicking. Flexible leather backing.

SoftSeal® Ear Cushions (headsets and helmets): Cushions eliminate pressure on ears. Conform to the head for total comfort. Smooth, soft synthetic leather cover over temperature- and pressure-sensitive foam core. Great with eyewear.

SoftSkin® Ear Seal Covers (headsets and helmets): Slip over SoftSeal® Ear Cushions to keep ears drier and cooler. Self-wicking reduces perspiration buildup.

HushKit® Passive Ear Cup Noise Attenuation Kit (headsets and helmets): For non-ANR headsets. Dramatically improves noise attenuation and intelligibility. Four die-cut visco-elastic foam layers fill all ear cup voids. Turn down your radio volume!

SoftSeal/HushKit® Combo (helmets only): An ear seal and insulation kit in one. Replaces leather ear pad or upgrades plastic ear cup. Eliminates pain. Reduces helmet weight.

MicMuff® Microphone Cover (headsets and helmets): Eliminates ambient cockpit noise and noise from radios and intercom. Enables a noise-cancelling mic to do its job above 97dB. Must be used on all headsets installed in the communications system to be most effective. Soft leatherette cover over foam sleeve creates chamber around mic.