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Belite Aircraft is offering its Wing Kit at a reduced price of $999 (regularly $1430) through Monday, April 4. The wing kit includes EVERYTHING needed to build two wings, with the exception of glue, fabric, flaperons and tools. Price does not include crating or shipping.

The Wing Kit is an ideal starting point for customers who want step into aircraft kit construction without committing to the entire project upfront. It includes aluminum spars and stamped aluminum ribs. Crating is $150 and truck delivery will be quoted.

Order by sending an email to or online at :

Kit Includes the following Bill of Materials:

Spars: 12' length, Aluminum (may be built long wing or clipped): 4 Each
Main Ribs Aluminum Stamped (5 each wing); 10 Each
Push pull cables (1 each wing); 2 Total
Machined Jury strut attach fitting (2 each wing); 4 Each
Sail/Anti sail tubes: 6061T6 Aluminum, 0.750" x 0.035"; 30 Ft
Main Rib Birch Machined Plywood (used for end ribs); 4 Each
False rib spar: 6061T6 Aluminum, 0.500" x 0.035"; 24 feet
Lift strut attach fitting -- uses slit 2.75" x 0.125" x 8.00" aluminum Tubing; 2 Each
.025" trailing edge aluminum, pre-bent; 24 Feet
Left and Right Machined Flaperon Cable Mount; 2 Total
1/4 x .170", Pitot tubing nylon to panel; 20 Ft
Square Aluminum tubing, for stiffeners and hard points; 10 Ft
Spar Root reinforcement: 6061T6 Aluminum, 2.75" x 0.065" x 2.00"; 2 Each
Front of wing Quick Clips AN416-2; 2 Each
Flaperon attach strap: 1.125" x 1.125" x 0.100" x 12” angle aluminum; 6 Each
Trim plates: 6061 T6 Aluminum, 0.025" thickness; 4 Each
Front of wing: AN5 Clevis Pin; 2 Each
18" x 0.250" x .035 6061T6 Aluminum Pitot Tube; 1 Each
AN3 bolts, washers, lock nuts, rivets 1 Bag