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Lancair Evolution, Now Available With Pistons

Oshkosh, WI (July 28, 2008) In response to customer requests Lancair International, Inc. has teamed up with Lycoming to offer a new piston power plant for the Evolution.

The Lycoming powered Evolution will fly high and fast with a maximum cruise speed of 270KTAS at 28,000 ft. in pressurized comfort. Like the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A turbine powered Evolution, the Lycoming powered Evolution also provides a new level of safety with its slow pattern and landing speeds. In addition the BRS® parachute system, energy absorbing seats, and the AmSafe Aviation® airbag seat belts are available.

The new Lycoming TEO-540-A iE2 piston engine delivers 350hp @ 2500 rpm and the single lever control reduces pilot workload as the Full Authority Digital Electronic Control monitors all phases of flight from startup to landing, delivering optimum engine performance at each stage of flight.

The Lycoming powered Evolution is expected to use just 22 gallons of 100LL per hour, providing a range of 1300 nm (with 45 min. reserve). Full fuel payload is 1080 pounds. The estimated price for the completed piston Evolution is under $600,000.

Lancair International chose the Twin Turbocharged 540 cubic inch iE2 engine because of the advances Lycoming has made in its overall engine technology. The engine control system features multi-channel safety redundancy and incorporates advanced algorithms for controlling the throttle, fuel mixture, turbo chargers and the propeller.

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Lancair International, Inc., founded in 1984, is celebrating its 24th year in business selling the world’s most successful high performance piston and turbine powered aircraft kits. Lancair, in addition to the Evolution, continues to produce the Lancair Legacy FG, Legacy RG, Lancair ES, Lancair ES-P, Lancair IV and Lancair IV-P. Lancair has produced and delivered over 2,000 kits since its inception and enjoys numerous world speed records from such events as the Reno Air Races. For more information on the Evolution and Lancair International, Inc., visit our website at or call 541-923-2244