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Wichita, KS --03-30-2011 -- Belite Aircraft, the innovators in ultralight aircraft and avionics, has developed an air computer which makes the introduction of new digital instrumentation accessible to experimental and homebuilt aircraft. The air computer provides critical flight information to the pilot in a very small design. Also, Belite’s instrumentation now features dual functionalities on the same instrument. Examples include the combination of Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) and Air Speed Indicator (ASI) or Above Ground Altimeter (AGL) on the same instrument . This results in a dual VSI/ASI, VSI/AGL or an AGL/VSI. In addition, Belite now offers dual Fuel Gauge and a Positive/Negative G Meter, as well as dual combinations of CHT/EGT gauges and much more.

The new instruments are available in the current 1.75” square or industry standard 2.25” round configuration. Prices range from $69.95 to $199.95 and are available to purchase online at or by calling 316-253-6746 or email to

“This move to compact digital instrumentation allows for more precise measurement and more flexibility and features in display design. Pilots will find these instruments quite useful, allowing for more functionality with lighter weight and in even smaller panels,” said James Wiebe, President/CEO of Belite Enterprises LLC.

Individual instruments weigh as little as 1/2 ounce (15 grams), and the panel-mounted full line of instruments, including metal panel, mounting hardware and connections, can weigh substantially less than one pound. They’re designed to easily fit into instrument panels of experimental, homebuilt and ultralight aircraft. Installation is straight-forward and many of the instruments are also available in small 3”x2”x1” portable enclosures with self-contained battery which can be carried in the pilot’s flight bag and used in whatever plane they are flying.

New instruments include:

Dual Air Speed Indicator / Vertical Speed Indicator. Utilizing the Belite Air Computer, this new instrument shows an ASI and VSI simultaneously and provides output for digital altitude. It is available in several performance ranges: 28-82MPH in the 1.75” square and 2.25” round versions. It is also available in 35-135 KIAS in 2.25” round model. The VSI is capable of showing rates of up to 1500 FPM, depending on model. The unit also features an Altitude output port which may be attached to a digital LCD display.

Both the VSI and ASI are also available in single display units in the same size gauges.

Dual Air Speed Indicator / Above Ground Level Altimeter (AGL). Just like the prior instrument, but substitutes an AGL altimeter for the VSI. Available in two sizes: 1.75” square or 2.25” round versions.

Dual Vertical Speed Indicator / Above Ground Level Altimeter (AGL). Just like the prior instrument, but this time with a VSI and an AGL. Available in two size variations.

Dual Positive / Negative G Meter shows how strong the bumps are, depicting G forces up to +/-6Gs. The precision solid state accelerometer inside exceeds the capabilities of older mechanical units. Available in two size variations.

Single/Dual Fuel Gauge uses LEDs to provide a range of 0% to 100% in calibrated steps of 5% and 10%. It is available as either a single or dual gauge in the 1.75” square or 2.25” round version. The fuel level of two tanks can be shown in one very small instrument.

Dual Cylinder Head / Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge (CHT/EGT). A dual CHT/EGT gauge is available as well as dual CHT/CHT and dual EGT/EGT. This is a high precision device that provides a quick visual indication of engine temperatures using up to a 24 LED column for each parameter. Like our other instruments, it is available in the 1.75” square or 2.25” round models.

Other avionics available:
The Turn Rate Indicator is a solid state gyro-based turn rate indicator calibrated at 3 degrees per second for a two minute turn.

The Inclinometer uses an LED display to simulate and improve upon the classic bubble slip and skid device. An ideal flight instruction aid, it displays a slip or skid brightly and with even more immediacy than a conventional instrument. It’s also simple to use with no buttons to push or set.

The Inclinometer and Turn Rate Indicator are each offered in single displays in the 1.75” square and 2.25” round models. Both single models also come in portable 3”x2”x1” boxes with self-contained battery.

The Volt MiniMeter (VMM) is even lighter at 4/10 of an ounce and draws only 3/10 of a milli-amp with 8 to 19.99 volts It’s a general purpose voltmeter that can be permanently attached to an aircraft’s electrical system without fear of draining the battery, providing an indication of how much voltage is in the system. The Volt Meter also comes in a 3 ¾” LCD display with backlight and monitors 8 to 39.99 volts.

Portable Gauges
Many of our gauges are available in 3”x2”x1” boxes with a self-contained battery. This version is available in the Above Ground Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator, Inclinometer and Turn Rate Indicator. The Turn Rate Indicator portable version can be utilized as a training aid in certified aircraft, as well, since it alerts student pilots to turn rate errors quickly and obviously when compared to a traditional mechanical gyro instrument. It’s also substantially less expensive.

Instrument Panels. Belite offers several different pre-cut panels. Two panels are available for small 1.75” instruments, one with space for 9 single display instruments and the other with space for 5 single display instruments or 5 dual display instruments plus a Volt MiniMeter. A new panel is available for 2.25” instruments, with space for 5 round instruments and two large LCDs.

Additional features, pricing and availability and information can be obtained by contacting Belite Aircraft at or by calling 316-253-6746. Photographs and additional details of both versions of the aircraft are also published in James Wiebe’s blog,, which may also be accessed through the Belite website: