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Chartflier release 2.0 announcement.


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Chartflier release 2.0 announcement.

Essential Flight Technology (EFT) releases version 2.0 of it’s popular Chartflier software. Chartflier’s ability to provide free weather based on ADS-B is now enhanced with new features including FULL traffic support. Chartflier is now available for free trial download.  EFT is committed to remaining the Established Leader in ADS-B to EFB technology. EFT's Chartflier remains the easiest to use EFB on the market.

Features released in this version:
• Automatic configuration and connection for GPS/ADS-B receivers
• AOPA planner integration with AIFP 2.0
• IAP printing
• "Ready to Fly!" softkey - downloads WX and TFRs with one Button
• Newly organized softkeys
• Scratch Pad Feature with IFR special use and 4 user areas
• AIrway support in plain-text routing/entry
• Improved panning performance
• ADS-B Transceiver controls
• Enhanced Performance

The average pilot can save save between $456 and $720 a year by switching to ADS-B weather over satellite based weather offerings. ADS-B Receivers available between $995 and $1195.

Essential Flight Technology is making technology affordable by bundling software and hardware complete solutions starting at just $399 USD.

As always upgrades are free for subscribers. Simply download the update and install.

For further information, contact Essential Flight Technology, Inc, 1915 Airport Rd, STE 2J, Atlanta, GA 30341; call (404) 954-1915 or visit our web site at

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