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DAHER-SOCATA increases deliveries of its TBM 850 turboprop aircraft in 2010

Tarbes, France, January 5, 2011 – DAHER-SOCATA today announced that
38 TBM 850s were delivered in 2010, bringing the total number of the very
fast turboprop aircraft received by customers to 222 since its introduction in
This is the fourth best year for the TBM program since 1990, putting the
overall TBM fleet number at 545. In 2010, the combined flight time of these
aircraft exceeded 800,000 flight hours.
Most of the TBM 850s purchased in 2010 were acquired by U.S. customers
(76 percent), with Europe representing 13 percent of the year’s sales. Latin
America was next with five percent, followed by Asia-Pacific and Africa with
three percent each. Included in last year’s activity were DAHER-SOCATA’s
first deliveries of new TBM 850s in Nigeria and Poland – demonstrating the
aircraft’s expanding market penetration.

“The TBM 850’s continued success is due to its low operating costs and the
loyalty of our customers – some of whom purchased their fifth TBM family
aircraft in 2010,” said Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice-president of DAHERSOCATA
Airplane Division. “We’re now looking forward to the introduction of
the DAHER-SOCATA 100th Anniversary Special Edition TBM 850 in 2011,
which will offer a host of benefits – including an Exclusive Maintenance
Program that lowers the scheduled maintenance costs for 5 years or 1,000

DAHER-SOCATA – 2011 - 2 -
DAHER-SOCATA’s TBM 850 is the world’s fastest single turboprop aircraft,
with a maximum cruising speed of 320 KTAS at Flight Level 260 (in ISA
conditions). It combines cruising speed and trip times of a light jet with the
economic direct operating costs, range and moderate environmental
signature of a turboprop engine. The maximum range and useful load –
which are enhanced on the current version – and the ability to land at small
airports are some of its customers’ favorite features.

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About DAHER-SOCATA DAHER is a European integrated equipment and services supplier. The company specialises in the aerospace, nuclear, defence and industry sectors, concentrating on three core activities: manufacturing, services and transport, which it builds into a global offer. Founded in 1863, DAHER is an independent, international group with installations in 12 countries. DAHER has tripled in size over six years to reach an annual turnover of 740 million Euros in 2009. DAHER-SOCATA, DAHER group’s aeronautics division, boasts a global and original offering to serve airframe manufacturers and tier-1 equipment manufacturers, with established expertise in four complementary activities presenting a wealth of synergies: aircraft manufacturing, aerostructures, services and technology specialties. In 2011, DAHER-SOCATA is celebrating the 100th anniversary of continuous aircraft production, marking a legacy that began in 1911 with its predecessor company – Aeroplanes Morane-Saulnier. For more information, visit and