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NEW! Datatoys Ultimate Digital Video Platform (UDVP)

Datatoys Digital Video Systems announces the release of the Ultimate Digital Video Platform (UDVP). The UDVP is a revolution in video and data recording for general aviation. With optional HD video, flight path recording, advanced graphic overlay, and picture-in-picture; the UDVP offers unmatched capabilities.

The UDVP features an optional GPS and 16G accelerometer for flight path recording and telemetry. Advanced graphic overlay provides simulated gauges, heads-up display (HUD), and optional text information right on the video. A built in 3.5” Touch Screen LCD allows users to change settings, see live video and playback.

Paired with Datatoys new WDR-600 bullet cameras, the UDVP offers unique prop-filtering technology eliminating the prop-strobe and prop-warp effects of action sport video systems. Using CCD wide-dynamic range technology the WDR-600 provides the clearest image on the market.

Video and data can be stored on a USB key (memory key or card reader), or Dual SD card (accepts SDHC, and SD). Mac and PC compatibility allows for easy playback of files using Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or virtually any other media player eliminating the need for complicated software. The UDVP-Pro video system is built with an advanced power system that has reverse voltage protection, power filtering, and back-up power that will automatically save files prior to shutdown in event of a power failure.

The UDVP digital video recorder is available for purchase. Prices range from $999 to $4999 depending on features and functionality.

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