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Save $2.45/gallon by Shopping In Flight

Pittsburg, KS; July 23, 2008: Control Vision introduced its ready-out-of-the-box Anywhere Map® “ATC” (Anywhere Map Travel Companion) to rave reviews at Sun ’n Fun this year. The brilliant navigation tool now has several enhancements, one of which is in-flight access to, an online fuel-price finder that can save you $2 a gallon or more! is integrated into the ATC to allow you to access its information in flight, particularly useful when plans or weather (also available on the ATC) change.

The fuel pricing database is the same as is used by giant pilots’ organizations, but the big difference is that is accessible in flight, through the Anywhere Map ATC (or your satellite internet connection). That makes for better-informed in-flight decisions.

A quick look on a recent mid-July morning found full-service 100LL at TEB selling for between $8.85 and $6.40. Save $2.45/gallon, just by knowing whose pumps to patronize! If you wanted to divert 36 nautical miles to Central Jersey (47N), you could find self-service 100LL for $4.90; or you could get full-service gas 37 nm from TEB in Andover (12N) for $5.00. Knowing where to look can save hundreds of dollars with 100LL.COM. The marvelous ATC, can not only show you where to look, but how to get there! is part of the ATC’s embedded software, which also includes Control Vision’s patented Cones of Safety®, Emergency Mode, Personal Digital Co-Pilot®, and obstacle and terrain warnings. SUA’s, TFR’s and terminal areas (along with Taxi Express airport diagrams) are also displayed on the full-color moving map display; the Nearest Anything™ function shows you everything from nearby airports to AWOS frequencies, to 100LL.COM fuel prices. There are virtual ILS, EFIS Arc, HSI and “flight following” features, as well, all on a no-knob, no-external-antenna, slim, 4.3” touch-screen.

Oh – and you can take the ATC with you on the ground and use its full-function street navigation mode with the supplied car mount and internal battery or power cord.

Perhaps best of all: there is no subscription or other charge for upkeep or use of The ATC’s prices are $695 or $1495, depending on whether the XMWx option is selected.

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