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EQ-Link Wireless Aviation Headset

ATO Aviation has announced the availability of the EQ-Link wireless aviation headset by EQ Wireless Communications.

The EQ-Link system is the first of its kind wireless aviation headset. It completely eliminates the wire extending from the headset ear cup to an aircraft's intercom system said ATO spokesman, Harold Christensen. He further went on to explain that "the EQ-Link system is the result of over 20 years of experience in designing RF components and systems for both business and military situations and approximately 2 years of development have gone into the manufacture of a completely wireless aviation communications system".

When asked if the system was "bluetooth" Christensen replied, "Bluetooth technology simply didn't perform according to our standards for aviation communications and the development team at EQ-1 Wireless Communications had discarded that technology very early in the development stage. Instead they invented a new technology that would enable the quality digital transmissions required for multiple users in a noisy aviation environment – EQ1 technology was born".

He also went on to explain that at the heart of the EQ-Link system is the EQ-1 headset which is an active noise reduction (ANR) headset that incorporates 4 microphones for use in extremely noisy aircraft cabins. In addition the passive attenuation characteristics of the EQ-1 make it a great choice in a variety of noise profile environments. Additionally voice audio is digitized and compressed by a proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) circuit that reduces background noise to a level that makes the EQ-1 quite simply the quietest headset that I've experienced by a significant margin.

The EQ-1 is powered by rechargeable batteries and can operate a minimum of 23 hours between battery charges. It has full voice synthesis capability (voice prompting) and can alert the user of many different system configuration settings such as remaining battery life (in hours), volume and VOX level settings.

EQ Wireless Communications products are distributed in the U.S. by ATO Aviation. For more information visit or phone (509) 731-3153