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iChart update adds Seamless Charts, GPS, and future XM Weather support

The next release of iChart from FlightPrep will add seamless charts, GPS moving map and future XM weather support. Available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, iChart allows pilots to see their current position on Sectionals, Terminal Area Charts (TACs), Low Enroutes, Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams using the on-board GPS built into 3G versions of both the iPhone and iPad or using an external GPS for iOS devices.

Along with the addition of GPS moving map, the latest version of iChart also introduces Seamless Charts allowing pilots to see the entire U.S. as one chart instead of viewing individual charts. Pilots no longer need to switch from one chart to the next; iChart will automatically make the switch when moving from one chart to the next. These features will give pilots better situational awareness without increasing their workload during flight.

The latest version of iChart also includes early support for the upcoming Baron Mobile Link being released later this year. The Baron Mobile Link attaches via USB to a WxWorx Portable XM WX Receiver, allowing pilots wireless access to the latest XM Weather data in their iChart application.

The next version of iChart will be available in the Apple iTunes App store as a free download after the Sun n’ Fun 2011 Fly-in. iChart comes with a 30-day trial subscription to non-geo-referenced data that can be downloaded for offline use. An annual subscription to non-geo-referenced data is just $59.99 for up to two iOS devices. A geo-referenced annual data subscription is just $99.99 for up to two iOS devices.

The iChart application is an AC 91-78 compliant application, which allows an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to be used as a Class I or II EFB. High Enroute charts, as well as additional chart types, will also be available in iChart in the upcoming months. For more information about iChart, visit FlightPrep in Booth B-036/037 at Sun n’ Fun or learn more at