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Combs to Speak at Sun n’ Fun

Lake Dallas, TX - Pilot Michael Combs will speak at the Sun n’ Fun Airshow in Lakeland, FL this month. His topics will include “How to Plan a Cross Country Trip,” “The Flight for the Human Spirit,” and “How Light Sport Aircrafts Are Fitting into the GA World.”

Combs has successfully flown his REMOS Light Sport Aircraft into 49 states and when he lands in Lakeland, it will be his 161st stop. This flight leg will mark 26,000 miles flown in his historic journey which has reached over 23 million people that is encouraging others to live their life with no regrets. “I am excited to attend Sun n’ Fun,” said Combs. “Last year, we had just taken off on the trip and were actually in Washington DC. We had a lot of fans who wrote to say that they missed seeing this amazing aircraft…so this will be a fantastic time for all.”

In addition to speaking, Combs has several other events scheduled including a live interview with AOPA President Craig Fuller to help promote this year’s “Rally GA” Program. “We are doing all that we can think of to promote aviation, and as a consequence of this flight we have a large following of individuals who are helping us to spread the word,” said Combs. “It is fantastic to fly, and it is amazing when we can band together as a group for a common cause.”

On March 9th Combs took off from Flabob Airport in Riverside, CA marking the beginning of a Coast to Coast trip that will exceed 2,100 miles. He is stopping in Rogers, AR for the annual inspection of his aircraft, and then will arrive in Lakeland where Hope One will be on display in the REMOS tent. Fans and aviation enthusiasts are invited to see this Light Sport Aircraft that will soon set new world records.

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