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The CockpitSonic Boeing 737 Flight Simulator arrives to Florida!

March 29, 2011 – Flight enthusiasts, mark your calendars, for this is the day the CockpitSonic Boeing 737 flight simulator arrives to Florida. This breath-takingly realistic Sim will do what no other simulators on the US market could do: give the hobbyist the chance to fly this legendary Boeing, while, at the same time providing a flight experience and details that will satisfy the most particular professional. So don’t let the affordable price fool you: this machine is well suitable for professional pilot training as well.

This European-made Sim will be brought to you by a local company, Simatrix, LLC, founded by two Clearwater, FL residents: private pilot and flight enthusiast Peter Repak, and businessman Joseph Hirku. They are exclusive representative of Franfkurt, Germany-based flight simulator manufacturer, CockpitSonic, a company dedicated to flight simulation since 2000. The Boeing 737 is only their first machine – they are planning to expand and bring to their Clearwater, FL showroom other classics, such as the Airbus 340 or the Boeing 747-400, C-172 and R22 Helicopter. They are selling all these and other models and parts, so why not get one for your game-room? Or, why not start your own flight school?

The Boeing 737 is launching on Sun ‘n’ Fun in Lakeland, where you can check it out in Exhibit E 020. Here you can try it in 15 minutes slots. After the show, you can fly it in pre-scheduled one-hour slots in Clearwater. To book your time, call 727-643-1781!