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Aviation Laboratories Turns 25!

Aviation Laboratories has been providing innovation and quality to the aviation industry for over 25 years. We supply a unique combination of products & services designed to help keep you up and running strong.

LABORATORY SERVICES – Founded in 1985, and initially specializing in the development of the Garrett S.O.A.P. program, we are now the leading aviation related analytical testing facility in the world. Aviation Laboratories provides state of the art analytical testing of engine oil, oil filter debris, metallurgical alloys, hydraulic fluid, fuel, and comprehensive contamination testing. We have been recommended or approved by most engine and airframe OEM’s. Our mission has been to develop analytical techniques and results interpretation to meet the needs of aircraft owners/operators, and airframe and engine OEM’s.

FIELD TESTING PRODUCTS – We have developed a complete line of field test kits for aviation including BUGTEST, FSII test kits, and Oil and Oil Filter Rinsing and Analysis Kits. Our standard kits can be customized to meet your needs and we also distribute field test kits from other manufacturers.

FUEL ADDITIVES & WING DEICERS - TKS and Type I, IV Wing Deicing Fluids, DICE fuel additives and fuel biocides are the leaders in our line of chemical products available. The AVL TKS Fluid is approved for all TKS systems and undergoes strict quality control throughout the blending process. The DICE FLASH 190 is the preferred fuel system icing inhibitor, More aviation customers use DICE FLASH 190 than any other FSII.

Our products are focused on the unique needs of the aviation industry. In addition to the products mentioned above, our product offering includes a variety of cleaners, degreasers, engine oils, washes, and lubricants. We also stock a complete line of filtration products, inspection kits, O-rings, gaskets, and hardware.

Most importantly you will find that our fine line of products and services is complemented with unsurpassed customer service and support, with competitive pricing and quick turnaround times.

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