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BERINGER Switches to New Lube: Better for Product, Employees, Environment

Châtelneuf, France; December 15, 2010: Beringer Wheels & Brakes, responding to many years of testing and evaluation,
has switched to a better-performing, non-petroleum assembly oil in its assembly process.

“Beringer always looks for ways to improve its products and processes, and this change is better for the product, for our employees, and for the
planet,” said Gilbert Beringer, co-founder and president.

Practical testing and bench-testing over 100,000 cycles (including exhaustive tests on a fatigue bench – a pressure-cycling dynamometer) – far more
than the assemblies will do through their lifespans in aircraft – have shown that the newly-employed vegetable-derived oil does the job better,
while creating a smaller health and environmental hazard than traditional petroleum-based lubes.

Beringer Company is always looking for ways to achieve more sustainable development through eco-friendly design and practice.
Their brake cylinders and calipers, for example, are 98% recyclable and have no effective life limit: all wear parts can be replaced and are available in rebuild kits. Toxic compounds commonly found in the industry, like chrome hexavalent, are not part of the Beringer process.

Reducing shipping byproducts and waste while reinforcing the local industrial network, 90% of Beringer subcontractors are located near the Beringer plant, further helping the local industry and maintaining nearly a dozen jobs.

Even the wooden building of Beringer Company represents low energy and materials consumption; and their cars burn LPG and help reduce particulate emissions.

BERINGER Company’s commitment to business integrity and sustainability is reflected in the MADE IN RESPECT recognition
which the 25-year-old company has held for over two years. The certification is proudly displayed near the company’s ISO
9001 certification award.

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