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FAA Enforcement Actions Webinar

Brisbane, Calif., September 1, 2010 -- On Thursday, September 16, 2010, the AskBob® online community will present an online webinar for aviation maintenance professionals, “FAA Enforcement Actions – Why Does It Always Seem Like It’s The Mechanic’s Fault?” discussing FAA enforcement actions and ideas for handling a Letter of Investigation (LOI) from the FAA.

According to John Goglia, webinar presenter, former NTSB board member, and active community member, “FAA enforcement actions are something we all wish to avoid. In this webinar we will talk about ways to avoid making mistakes that could cause enforcement actions, along with a discussion on what to do if you are ever involved in an enforcement action.”

The format for the webinar will be a panel discussion and will be hosted by Bob Jones, Managing Editor for the AskBob® online community. Panelists include, John Goglia, Former NTSB board member and widely recognized industry expert, and Loretta Alkalay, former regional counsel for FAA’s eastern region with a JD from NYU School of Law.

The webinar is sponsored by Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) and attendance is free for all AskBob community members. Anyone interested in attending the webinar can become an AskBob community member at AskBob community members can sign up for the webinar at

A discussion forum has also been setup on the AskBob online community for AMTs to discuss this topic and the webinar. Anyone interested in the topic is invited to participate and see what others are saying. The forum will be available before, during and after the webinar and can be accessed at or use the tiny URL,

The AskBob community is based on a different concept from traditional media outlets. It is a place for anyone interested in aviation maintenance to come and talk, ask questions, connect with other maintenance professionals and collaborate. This concept of questions, answers and discussions is the reason for calling it the AskBob® online community. We encourage everyone, including vendors, media outlets and information sources, to participate in the discussions, promote their services, and create an open forum benefitting the industry.

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