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Concorde Introduces New LSA Battery

RG-12LSA Delivers High Cranking Power, Ruggedness

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 27, 2010: Concorde Battery Corporation saw the need for a proper aviation battery specifically designed to meet the needs of Light Sport Aircraft, and they have now delivered: the RG-12LSA is rugged, small and light – and delivers the heavy cranking power demanded in the LSA world. See this new battery at Booth 2053-54 (in Hangar B).

The recombinant gas (RG® Series) maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery won’t spill at any altitude or attitude and never needs water or electrolyte, and allow “hazmat-exempt” shipping. The RG-12LSA features Concorde’s heavy 8mm (roughly 5/16”) terminal bolts are of corrosion-free silicon bronze; and the absorbed glass mat (AGM) design builds shake and vibration resistance into the internal plate structure.

The heavy loads demanded while starting Light Sport Aircraft are met and exceeded by the RG-12LSA. Starting loads, rather than low-current continuous operation required by heavy avionics and accessories, are the focus – power is matched to the demand in this low resistance, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery.

Overall dimensions are 7.5” (7.71” over the top seam) long x 4.97” (5.18” over the top seam) wide, and 4.56” tall, overall. The RG-12LSA batteries will begin shipping in October, 2010.