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Best New Motorcycle Accessory

LegUp LandinGear - Like Nothing You Have Seen Before

This may be the most unique accessory you have ever seen for your Touring Bike. Imagine the ability to steady your bike as you come to a stop, have it held upright at a light or stop sign with your feet on the pegs (you really should put them down, but you don't have to!!), then have the support automatically retract as you accelerate !!
The Patent-pending Leg Up system was created for those who for whatever reason are concerned about, or unable to hold up these 850 lb monsters as they come to a stop. New riders, bad knees, bad hips, bad passengers (couldn't resist!), or any other reason someone might want a little help keeping the rubber side down... This will do it!
The system was originally designed for 1998 thru 2008 Harley touring bikes. Recently it has been adapted to the new 2009 and 2010 Harleys. GL1800 Gold Wing's were the next bikes added to the list of available models. Now available for the following models:
Harley Davidson, Touring 87-08, Touring 09 & Up, HD Softails, HD Dynas
Honda GL1800 and GL15000* Goldwings
Triumph Rocket III and the Yamaha Stratoliner
*GL1500 shipping the end of August. Deposits now being accepted.
The patent pending, computerized system is centered on an electric linear actuator that lowers, at the touch of a button, legs with wheels and a spring mechanism. This system will only allow the wheels to lower under 10MPH, and will balance the bike completely. You still put your feet down, but you won't have to catch the bike as it falls over! The onboard computer senses speed and wheel position and upon acceleration, if the operator does not retract the wheels, LegUp will raise them automatically.
The wheels tuck neatly under the bags when not deployed, allowing the bike to be leaned and handle exactly as it always has. Can't do that with a trike or other hokey outrigger ,