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Enflight: Flight Planning To Your Personal Specification

Flight planning is easier and quicker when we can see our options at a glance. If the weather is good or really bad, the go/no go decision is easy; but what defines the majority of situations – when the conditions along the route are “marginal?”

We each have our personal limits. We know the aircraft may have been tested for flight in some condition, but we are uncomfortable under those conditions, or in that aircraft, or over such-an-such terrain. With Enflight, we can set our own personal minima, and the software translates DUATS data into “green,” “yellow,” and “red,” according to our own comfort criteria. Enflight also plans to allow flight instructors to oversee individual students’ criteria.

It takes just seconds to generate a flight plan (including SIDS and STARS if desired); a single click then downloads it to your handheld GPS – and included is the ability to print or download unlimited charts, as a “triptik” or specified chart area. Any number of pdf-format approach plates can also be downloaded to a mobile device, or printed.

A complete and legal FAA briefing takes just minutes to generate and moments to interpret, thanks to the most advanced plain-language weather and NOTAM “translation” algorithm in the industry.

It’s easy to access Enflight from common mobile platforms (Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, etc.), where its look is consistent with the web presentation.

All these flight planning functions, including fuel pricing, best altitude for fuel, time, and distance; and other features make Enflight a “one-stop” flight planning and briefing center.

The new Enflight TAF Spiral (patent applied for) shows conditions at any airport with a forecast, showing a timeline (in red, yellow, and green) for forecast conditions according to your personal minima. These TAF Spirals automatically display on your sectional, WACs and TACs, alongside your planned route.

Enflight is immediately available and lists at $249.95, enabled for web and mobile platforms. Extreme Oshkosh special deals are in effect at the website for a limited time.

Flight instructors should contact Enflight directly, for additional discounts and special programs.