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Coming for Oshkosh 2010 - Chartflier, a new approach to electronic charts.

Atlanta, GA - 24/7/2010 - Essential Flight Technology is launching a new product, Chartflier at Oshkosh 2010. The product is designed to be a replacement for paper charts in the Cockpit. The product focuses on simplicity of operation and ease-of-use.

Chartflier brings you better, faster charts, easy to use and see, and simplifies your cockpit rather than distracting you and your attention away from the task of flying the airplane with complex and unnecessary features and gimmicks.

Chartflier will be on display at Booth 4160 in Hangar D during Oshkosh. The company's founders will be present to answer questions and provide demonstrations of the new product.

Chartflier hit the ground running with its easy-of-use.

"I've used all the others, but when it comes to quick response, easy-to-read with virtually zero learning curve, ChartFlier puts them all away. The easy to read presentation, no screen clutter and instant response even on a small netbook makes it the choice when ATC changes your plans."

-- Charlie, in Florida

Come see Chartflier at Oshkosh 2010.

Essential Flight Technology is a software development company Headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The companies founders are Information Technology professionals and pilots. The company focuses on efficient design and easy-of-use.