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Lancair Reports Strong Oshkosh

It’s good news week for Lancair at Oshkosh as Lancair International reports two Evolution sales by Wednesday. The demo book is nearly full every day with serious Evolution buyers and more deposits look to be in the offing.
July is shaping up to be a record month for Evolution sales with X-Plane founder Austin Meyer’s selection and purchase of an Evolution on July 7. Austin’s choice speaks volumes regarding “The Numbers” on the Evolution. “If you want to see how far and fast you can go safely... then nothing touches a Lancair Evo“, The X-Plane software developer said.
Lancair announced on Monday that for customers desiring piston power in their Evolution, the company is taking orders for the exciting new Lycoming TEO-540 iE2 powered Evolution. These electronically controlled Lycoming engines are ready to be delivered into customer’s hands before the end of 2010. Interest in the two-seat Lancair Legacy also remains high, with demos in this legendary, fast aircraft booked everyday.
Customers indicate that the recently announced refocusing of the management team at Lancair has reinforced their confidence in the long term health of the company in this sometimes uncertain economic environment.

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Lancair International Inc, founded in 1984, is celebrating its 26th year selling the world’s most successful high performance piston and turbine kit aircraft. To date, the company has delivered over 2,000 kits. As testimony to their quality and design, Lancair aircraft have set a number of world speed records and have dominated the Sports Class at the Reno Air Races for several years. For more information on Lancair International Inc., visit or call (541) 923-2244.