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Eagle 300T Certification Program News

We are very excited to be in Oshkosh once again for our 43rd straight year. In continuing our tradition of commitment to aviation and to the EAA, Rotorway is striving to innovate. Last year, Rotorway International announced its commitment to enter into the certified market with our two-seat Rolls-Royce turbine powered training helicopter. We have had several milestones that we, and our partners, Rolls-Royce, would like to share with the aviation world. The biggest milestone is the type
certification of the Rolls Royce 300B1 engine specifically for the Eagle 300T. The Rolls-Royce
300B1 engine is a derivative of the RR300 engine that is certified for the Robinson R66 5-seat helicopter.

Along with this achievement, Rotorway International has begun the FAA certification process in
earnest. We are following the same certification path forged by other helicopter industry leaders and
we believe we can achieve certification in a similar time frame.

As we pursue the certification of the Eagle 300T, we will continue to concentrate on our two largest
markets, the experimental kit helicopter market and the non-type certified markets which have been
very loyal markets for Rotorway and we are rewarding that loyalty with our commitment to always
having the latest and best products.

Rotorway International has been in the experimental helicopter market for 43 years and we continue to
lead that market with our award winning A600 Talon series helicopter. Some advances that we are currently bringing to market include a governor and a remotely/autonomously piloted A600 Talon.

Rotorway International is also making great strides in expanding our international markets. Our
assembly and flight-testing facility in South Africa has achieved Non-type certification, which allows the A600 Talon to be flown for commercial purposes in South Africa. We are leveraging this nontype certification to expand into previously closed markets. China is quickly becoming a crucial partner for Rotorway, as the civil aviation market becomes easier for companies inside the United States to open. Just this year, Rotorway has signed a deal for 116 helicopters to be built in Asia for use as training helicopters in China. This fills a niche that no other helicopter company can serve. As the Chinese general aviation market increases, so will Rotorway International in China.

We are leveraging our history and looking toward the future to bring you the best in the experimental and certified helicopter industry. Rotorway International, showcasing craftsmanship and pride since

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