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Sennheiser Helps Pilots Go Green in the Cockpit with its HMEC 460 Series Headsets

Old Lyme, Conn, 27 July 2010--Aviation headset manufacturer Sennheiser announced that pilots and aviators can make a small, but measurable positive impact on the environment by using its HMEC series aviation headsets, including the HMEC 460, the HMEC 461 and the HMEC 466. The headsets, which are 100 percent recyclable and deliver the same outstanding quality pilots have come to expect from Sennheiser, are able to draw 100 percent of their required power for Active Noise Reduction directly from the cockpit or by using rechargeable batteries.

The HMEC 460 headset, which is also backed by a 10-year warranty, comes equipped with an additional XLR-3 connector, which enables it to draw DC power directly from the panel in the cockpit. On the other end of the cable is a cigarette lighter connector for pilots who prefer not to use the XLR-3 socket, further increasing the charging versatility of the unit.

Jörg Buchberger, business segment manager, professional headsets and aviation, commented: "Our aviation headsets have many inherent qualities that make them environmentally friendly. First and foremost, they are built to last and made from recyclable materials. Second, we have designed them to be extremely flexible when it comes to powering options--you can plug into the cockpit panel, use rechargeable batteries or even a cigarette lighter."

Ecologically-Minded Headset Models
The HMEC 461 headset uses two standard jacks as connectors, a common feature among general aviation headsets. It is also capable of running up to 30 hours with Active Noise Reduction on just two rechargeable AA batteries, greatly reducing the need for disposable battery waste.

Sennheiser also recently expanded its aviation headset lineup to include the new HMEC 466, which also eliminates the need for disposable batteries. This headset features the popular “Redel” connector, which combines audio and DC power wiring into a single connector, helping to reduce cockpit clutter. Other notable features of the HMEC 460 Series headsets include audio in and cell phone inputs in addition to its pristine audio qua-lity, overall durability and affordability.

All of Sennheiser's premium aviation headsets feature generous warranties, ensuring they will spend years in the cockpit rather than a landfill.