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TBM 850 to Feature Garmin G1000 System

EADS Socata has selected the Garmin G1000 integrated avionics system for use on a future version of its TBM 850 very fast turboprop aircraft. The certification program is now underway, and timing for the introduction of G1000-equipped TBM 850s will be detailed next year.
The announcement of this development was made during a news conference at the National Business Aviation Association’s 60th Annual Meeting & Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.
“Two years ago, our customers asked us for more speed, and EADS Socata launched the TBM 850 Very Fast Turboprop,” said Jean-Michel Léonard, EADS Socata’s CEO. “We continue to listen to their needs, and as a result, we have taken the next step with the integrated cockpit panel – which will ease pilot workload, save weight and reduce the cost of ownership.”
Léonard explained that the new integrated avionics system represents a substantive improvement for the TBM 850 and provides added value to customers.
The Garmin system integrates all primary flight and navigation information on two large 10-inch flat-panel LCD screens, while communication, terrain, traffic, weather and engine data will be displayed on a 15-inch screen – the largest in its category.
“Playing with the TBM 850’s known reliability was not an option, and we wanted a solid and fully integrated solution,” Léonard added. “Jacques Lordon, our Vice President of General Aviation, and his engineering design team evaluated and tested all the systems offered on the market during the past several years – and they concluded that the Garmin G1000 with its new autopilot was the best choice.”
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“TBM pilots have been flying with Garmin GNS 430/530 avionics for several years now, and we’re delighted to build upon that heritage to provide a uniquely integrated cockpit system on the fastest single engine turboprop,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president of marketing. “The G1000 will give TBM 850 pilots the big picture on flight management, weather, terrain and traffic.”
Nicolas Chabbert, EADS Socata’s Vice President Sales & Marketing, said the company is excited about the Garmin G1000’s selection, as it is the most advanced integrated panel available today in general aviation. “The G1000 will offer complete situational awareness at a glance – and will be an easy transition from the very popular Garmin GNS 530 NAV/COM/GPS suite of our current production TBM 850,” Chabbert stated. “The system will ease pilot workload, and it offers a new level of situational awareness during all phases of flight.”
Launched in December 2005, the TBM 850 has received more than 100 orders. The majority of these have been purchased by North American customers, with approximately a dozen booked by operators in Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

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The TBM 850 is the world’s fastest single engine turboprop, with a maximum cruising speed of 320 KTAS at 26,000 ft. (in ISA conditions). A 850-shp version of EADS Socata’s proven six-seat TBM 700 turboprop business aircraft, the TBM 850 combines the cruising speed and journey times typical of light jets with economical direct operating costs, while offering the range and excellent weight carriage capacity of turboprop aircraft.