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Wichita, KS – Belite Aircraft introduces the Belite “Supertrike” Tricycle Gear Model Ultralight that offers powerful performance along with easy takeoff and landing, eliminating the need for tailwheel training. The Supertrike is fitted with more lightweight components and a bigger engine, improving wing strength and providing performance. As a result, the Supertrike design has the same great flying qualities as the Belite Superlite, except it has easy landing tricycle gear. The Supertrike is priced at $42,256.

“We introduced the Supertrike because our customers want a tricycle gear ultralight with state of the art construction, impeccable landing manners and with great performance,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Belite Aircraft. “The Supertrike delivers it all: carbon fiber wing spars, a powerful engine, recovery parachute and much more.”

The standard tricycle gear Belite sells for $26,995. As with all Belite Aircraft, The Supertrike is FAR Part 103 compliant, but its ground handling and landing manners are much like a Cessna 172.
The Supertrike features a free castering nose wheel, a good-looking 5 gallon spun aluminum fuel tank and a fully-covered cockpit interior. It includes a 45 HP engine. Optional spring landing gear allows for smoother taxiing and landing. Folding wings are standard. Pricing is dependent on options ordered, but a typical Supertrike is priced at $42,256, including the 45HP engine, a recovery parachute, tricycle gear, and recovery parachute.
When purchasing the Supertrike, owners can reconfigure the aircraft back into the conventional taildragger if they choose. So a Supertrike plane is really two planes in one.

Additional features, pricing and availability and information can be obtained by contacting Belite Aircraft at or by calling 316-253-6746. Photographs and additional details of both versions of the aircraft are also published in James Wiebe’s blog,, which may also be accessed through the Belite website: