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Wichita, KS – Belite Aircraft has introduced a low cost version of the “Superlite” FAA Part 103 high performance single seat aircraft. The new model is priced at $28,655 and features a flying weight of 254 pounds, complete with a Hirth 50HP engine (derated for FAR Part 103 compliance). The Superlite was named the 2010 Grand Champion Ultralight at Sun ‘n Fun earlier this year.
The standard Belite Superlite has upgraded features including a recovery parachute and sells for $40,066. Belite aircraft models are all designed to provide recreational flyers with economically priced, easy to build and operate aircraft that make flying affordable and accessible, even to pilots without any medical or conventional pilot’s license. All are Part 103 compliant.

The Superlite is Belite Aircraft’s entrant in the Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) category and requires a ground roll of only about 200 feet to get airborne. When takeoff power is applied, it leaps into the air and climbs rapidly. It is equipped with a twin-opposed cylinder 50 HP Hirth engine with dual ignition. In order to remain with FAR Part 103 parameters, it is limited to approximately 38HP to ensure that ultralight cruise speed limitations of 62 mph are not exceeded. When owner built as an experimental aircraft, owners may dial in full engine power through a 60 x 38 propeller, providing even more takeoff and cruise performance.

The low cost version of the Superlite deletes expensive options that many pilots don’t require: Carbon Fiber Wings and interior options, ballistic parachute, etc. This saves substantial money, without sacrificing performance. In fact, performance increases slightly due to the lighter weight.

The new low cost Superlite features:
• Hirth 50HP engine with high thrust two blade prop (derated to 38HP for Part 103 compliance)
• Dual Ignition, standard
• Fully welded 4130 aircraft steel fuselage surrounds the pilot
• Windshield with 360 degree vision
• 4 point safety harness
• Belite Avionics panel with Air Speed, AGL Altimeter, CHT/EGT, and Inclinometer
• 4 position flaps with high lift Riblett airfoil wing design
• 5 gallon spun aluminum fuel tank
The Superlite uses the exact same fuselage and wing as the Belite 254 standard ultralight model. The engine mount, engine and propeller provide a new performance combination. The fuselage and cabin area are welded aircraft steel for safety and strength. The cockpit windshield and cabin top are Lexan for safety and 360 degrees of vision. The Superlite also comes with a 5 gallon aluminum fuel tank, which is lightweight and durable.
Additional features, pricing and availability and information can be obtained by contacting Belite Aircraft at or by calling 316-253-6746. Photographs and additional details of both versions of the aircraft are also published in James Wiebe’s blog,, which may also be accessed through the Belite website: