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Wichita, KS -- Belite Aircraft, in conjunction with MukTuk Floats of North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, is now offering a straight float kit, allowing pilots to convert any Belite into a seaplane. The Float Kits are priced at an economical $2,000.

"The number one question we receive from our customers is: ‘How can we put our airplane on floats?’” said James Wiebe, Belite CEO. "We've worked with MukTuk Floats to come up with a perfect solution. These floats are lightweight, strong and continue to help let pilots enjoy the opportunity provided for ultralight aircraft under FAR Part 103 seaplane rules."

Featuring a finished weight of 29 pounds each, they attach easily to any Belite aircraft and meet the weight requirements for FAR Part 103 seaplane operations. With rated aircraft weight capacity of 550 pounds, they are an exact match to the gross weight of a Belite. The pair of floats has a total water displacement of 1100 pounds, and an overall length of approximately 10' 7".

Wiebe noted that float construction time is approximately 40 hours. Materials are computer cut and pre-finished. The floats are constructed from marine grade Okume plywood, along with fiberglass, with optional kevlar and carbon fiber reinforcements.

Floats can be purchased through Belite Aircraft. Pricing and specifications are as follows:

Basic Float Kit $2000: Includes everything to make a pair of floats, except for glue and fiberglass.
Hardware Attachment Kit $250: Includes 8 aluminum angle brackets, 2 aluminum axle attachment fittings, AN hardware, and tack welded front spreader and rear spreader "M" bar.
Float Composite Kit $150: Includes Carbon Fiber / Kevlar fabric (for rub strip fabrication), carbon fiber cloth and fiberglass cloth.

Additional information or puchases can be obtained by contacting Belite Aircraft at or by calling 316-253-6746. Photographs and additional information are also published in James Wiebe’s blog,, which may also be accessed through the Belite website: MukTuk Floats is located at: 4070 Dollar Road, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V7G 1Z6. Tel: 604 618 7574. Email: