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Vertical Power and Leading EFIS Companies Announce Next-Generation Integrated EFIS/Electronic Circuit Breaker System.

Albuquerque, NM — July 26, 2010 — Vertical Power announces the new VP-X Pro and VP-X Sport products at AirVenture 2010. The VP-X products use Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs) to simplify wiring and provide advanced electrical system capabilities. Avionics, lights, trim, and flaps are all powered with the VP-X, eliminating older mechanical circuit breakers, relays, and numerous individual control boxes. The VP-X integrates tightly with Advanced Flight Systems, GRT Avionics, and MGL Avionics EFIS products allowing pilots to monitor the status of individual devices and the entire electrical system right from the EFIS.

The VP-X Pro includes Vertical Power’s new DualBuss™ technology that has two independent power busses in a single system, delivering unprecedented levels of redundancy and safety. Builders can now easily divide avionics and other electrical loads between two power busses, and should one bus controller fail the other bus will continue to operate independently and be able to provide power to the starter contactor. Each bus controller is powered by an independent power supply and microprocessor.

The new VP-X products (Pro and Sport) are half the size of the original VP-X product. The new dimensions are approximately 7.5” x 6.5” x 1.7”, making the unit about half the height of the original VP-X product.

The VP-X Pro has over 30 power circuits to handle most two and four seat experimental aircraft. The VP-X Sport has just over 20 power circuits, making it ideal for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and smaller homebuilt aircraft.

The VP-X replaces 80-year-old thermal breaker technology with modern solid-state Electronic Circuit Breakers. ECBs can detect short circuits, over-current conditions, and open-circuit faults. ECBs are intelligent, configurable, and offer capabilities not otherwise available with old-style breakers. For example, ECBs can detect a burned out landing light or disable the starter circuit while the engine is running.

“The VP-X products offer a tremendous amount of capability at a very affordable price. We’re able to keep the price low because the user interface is an integral part of the EFIS ,” said Marc Ausman, President of Vertical Power Inc. “The VP-X is based on the same field-proven technology used in hundreds of Vertical Power systems flying today.”

If you’re building an airplane with a glass cockpit, it’s critical to be able to monitor the status of the electrical system. Only Vertical Power can give you level of detail and control needed for today’s electric aircraft.

“We see Electronic Circuit Breakers made by Vertical Power as a modern alternative to the old method of mechanical circuit breakers and complicated wiring,” said Rob Hickman, President of Advanced Flight Systems Inc. “Currently all of our systems display attitude, moving map, engine gauges, traffic, and weather. We are working on giving the EFIS the ability to monitor and control the entire electrical system and even reset circuit breakers in the new VP-X system.”

"The solid-state circuit breaker technology in the VP-X will allow more system automation while simplifying wiring," said Todd Stehouwer, Vice President, GRT Avionics, Inc.

“Our customers have been asking to integrate more features into the EFIS, and electric circuit breakers are a common request,” said Rainier Lamers, President of MGL Avionics. “Vertical Power has a field-proven product and we’re very excited to offer this tight level of integration to our customers.”

You get the best of both worlds – ECBs are remotely mounted yet you can view their status and reset a fault from the EFIS. The VP-X is hidden from view and doesn’t take up any space on the panel.

Summary of key capabilities:
• Detects short circuits, over-current faults, open circuits (no current draw), and displays individual current draw for each circuit. The circuit breaker value for each circuit is user-configurable.
• Flexibility to use any style of panel-mounted switch. Each switch is configurable to control one or more electrical devices. The VP-X can turn on and off devices up to 15 amps.
• Solid-state trim motor control for pitch and roll trim. The trim system includes runaway trim protection, variable-speed pitch trim based on airspeed, trim motor travel limits, and backup trim controls on the EFIS.
• Solid-state flap motor control. The flap system includes intermediate flap stops, the ability to disable the flap down switch above a specified airspeed, flap over-speed warnings, flap motor run-on protection, and backup flap controls on the EFIS.
• Landing light wig-wag with adjustable warm-up period. Landing lights, when turned on, are steady on the ground then automatically pulse when the aircraft is in the air.
• DualBuss™ technology in the VP-X Pro.
• Additional backup circuit capability for critical avionics can be wired for either system.
• Starter disable when engine running.

Aircraft wiring is greatly simplified using the VP-X. The builder simply runs wires from the VP-X to each electrical device such as a radio, transponder, landing light, flap motor, and trim motor. Then the setup menus in the EFIS are used to configure each circuit. The system is completely configurable, allowing the user to set each circuit breaker value and determine which device or devices are controlled by each switch. The VP-X supports a single aircraft electrical bus architecture (with or without an aux battery) with a single or dual alternator configuration.

The VP-X integrates with:
- Advanced Flight Systems AF-3400s, AF-3500s, and AF-4500s EFIS.
- Grand Rapids Technologies HX and Sport HX EFIS
- MGL Avionics Odyssey Gen 2 and Voyager Gen 2 EFIS

The VP-X Pro retails for $1800, the VP-X Sport for $1200, and will begin shipping in November 2010. A complete wiring harness including over 600 feet of wire and connectors is also available. The VP-X is for use with experimental and light sport aircraft. Vertical Power will be exhibiting at AirVenture 2010. For more information, please visit

About Vertical Power

Vertical power is in the business of designing and producing Electronic Circuit Breakers for experimental and light sport aircraft. The company is applying advanced solid-state electronics to reduce wiring complexity, simplify wiring installation, reduce pilot workload, and enhance a pilot’s ability to respond to in-flight emergencies.

Vertical Power is the first company to develop Electronic Circuit Breakers for the non-certified aircraft market. The company is based in Albuquerque, NM and sells its products directly to customers and through select dealers. Vertical Power was founded in June 2006. Eight patents have been filed covering Vertical Power products.

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Marc Ausman, Vertical Power