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Easier aircraft construction: Power Bench coming to AirVenture 2010

South Dakota inventor Clint Birkeland plans to bring a unique product to AirVenture this year– an adjustable, industrial-strength workbench designed for both professional and home use. His product, Power Bench®, was born out of a need for strong, stable workbench that could meet the demands of any job.

“This product was created to be strong and stable for everyone from professional welders and mechanics to those building their own aircraft at home,” Birkeland said. “It’s designed to be safe and efficient, and to make the tough jobs easier.”

A former contractor, Birkeland grew up working with tools and farm machinery. From age 16 he worked on large residential and commercial construction projects, which first alerted him to the need for a better workbench solution. He struggled to find a miter saw stand that was tough enough to handle large equipment, but also portable and multifunctional. Finally fed up with searching, he decided to build one himself.

After years of testing and several model variations, the end product extends to handle oversized materials, yet conforms to real work conditions like uneven terrain. Birkeland’s workbench is adjustable to six different working heights, saving owners from back-breaking work on the ground. It also folds up smaller than a stepladder to be easily rolled away and stored in a shop or hangar.

“Power Bench is a great addition to any shop, whether you’re an industrial aviation construction company or someone building a kit plane at home,” Birkeland said. “From welding to mechanical work to construction, Power Bench is a long-lasting, quality product that helps a lot of people work faster and easier.”

Birkeland will exhibit Power Bench at EAA AirVenture from July 24-August 1. Stop by Fly Market booth 778 for product demonstrations, an up-close look at the product, and a chance to talk with Birkeland about Power Bench. For more information, visit or call 1-866-299-2371.

Clint Birkeland