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ATP Connects Stevens Aviation to the NavigatorV® Network Solution

BRISBANE, California – Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) announces the transition of Stevens Aviation and their five facilities to the NavigatorV® Network Solution. NavigatorV® is the leading independent industry standard platform for aviation compliance and safety information management.

The NavigatorV® Network Solution provided Stevens Aviation expedited access to their ATP regulatory and maintenance libraries regardless of the facility where they are located. In addition, ATP’s solution allowed them to tailor content to the exact libraries needed and eliminated duplicates.
Stevens Aviation realized right away that the NavigatorV® Network Solution would be an innovative and cost saving solution. “We realized that it no longer made sense for each location to deal with its own library.” said Mike Silverman, Steven’s Aviation Chief Inspector. “We found that by using ATP NavigatorV® as our primary publications source it has streamlined our capabilities to manage publications across all locations. As a repair station, we can rest assured that the data we are using is current and that will allow us to provide the safest product for our customers.”
“ATP’s goal is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the general aviation maintenance professionals. We are extremely excited to be able to meet the needs of Stevens Aviation,” said Rich Marino, President of ATP, “and, we look forward to providing a NavigatorV® Network Solution for our other ATP customers.”

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