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The overwhelming favorite powerplant on Light-Sport Aircraft is the Rotax brand and that company announced several major new developments in 2010. Presenting at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is Phil Lockwood, one of the most knowledgeable — and best known — speakers about all things Rotax.

“I’ll be giving two talks at AirVenture 2010,” said Phil. One talk (Tuesday, July 27 at 10:00 to 11:15 AM in NATCA Pavilion 8) will be about the latest improvements made to the 2010 Rotax 912 and the new 2,000 hour TBO. In addition, “Rotax has now approved the 115-hp Rotax 914 Turbo for 2,000-hour overhaul,” noted Phil. The overhaul period now matches common life cycles for more familiar Continental or Lycoming powerplants. Some say this greatly levels the field among leading engine suppliers.

Phil continued with more news, “I’ll be doing a second talk (11:30 AM to 12:45 PM in the Ultralight Forums Tent) about Rotax’s two-stroke engines that remain popular with light aircraft.” Lockwood will also discuss different fuels in use today including 100LL and the different octane auto fuels with and without Ethanol and how operation is affected. Other commonly asked questions involve oil and the most recent service information.

After hearing Lockwood’s presentation, A&P mechanics that wish to gain further engine training can contact Aero Technical Institute (ATI) ( regarding classes to increase their ability to service Rotax engines. A set of sixteen-hour courses is offered by ATI at the Sebring Airport facilities of Lockwood Aviation. Contact ATI at 863-655-7373 for more information on the upcoming A&P courses.

The 9-series engines from Rotax power an overwhelming majority of Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) ( Since 1973 Rotax has delivered more than 125,000 aircraft engines — including more than 30,000 9-series engines — and the company can produce more than 200,000 powerplants annually. Over its history, Rotax has delivered more than 3 million engines of all types.

Lockwood Aviation is the country’s largest and busiest service organization for Rotax engines. Part of a family of aviation companies, Lockwood Aviation has long expertise in dealing with the engine series that powers more light sport aircraft than any other. To learn more about Lockwood aviation companies, visit their headquarters at the Sebring, Florida airport; call 863-655-5100; or send e-mail to