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Creative contractor invents a jobsite solution with Power Bench

Dupree native Clint Birkeland has been around tools all his life. His father was a building contractor, and Birkeland grew up around his jobsites. In addition, he spent much of his free time at his grandparent’s place in the country, working with cattle and farm machinery.

Since age 16 Birkeland has worked on large residential and commercial construction projects. He struggled to find a miter saw stand that was tough enough to handle large equipment, but also portable enough to move quickly from one jobsite to another. Finally fed up with searching, he decided to build one himself.

“I spent years thinking about a design, but never had built one.” Birkeland said. “The day before I took time to build it, a totally different design came to mind. I built one of each and could tell the new design was the best.”

The end product is stable enough to handle large materials, yet adjustable to conform to real workplace conditions like uneven terrain. Birkeland’s workbench fits almost any type of saw and folds up smaller than a stepladder to be rolled away and stored.

“This product was created to be strong and stable for everyone from professional contractors to the average homeowner working on home improvement projects,” Birkeland said. “It’s designed to be safe and efficient, and to make the tough jobs easier. The uses for this product end only with your imagination.”

He invented the bench in 1999, and in 2000 named his product Power Bench®. He decided to leave the construction industry to focus their company, Lee Unlimited, on building Power Bench. They started manufacturing the workstations by hand in a small shop, and the initial response from his colleagues encouraged him to continue.

“I believe wholeheartedly in what I’m doing,” Birkeland said. “Power Bench has become my life, and the people around me – friends, family, and community – have been incredibly supportive.”

By 2004 the business had grown large enough that Birkeland could no longer accommodate the orders. The company increased its manufacturing space and expanded operations, allowing Birkeland to expand the Power Bench line to include five packages and a host of accessories.

Even as the business has grown, his passion for his product has never wavered. Call Lee Unlimited’s customer service number and you’ll more than likely speak directly to Birkeland, who doesn’t hesitate to answer questions about the product that started it all.

“Too many people are still working on the ground, trying to cut pipe or other big materials that aren’t possible to cut on other miter saw stands,” Birkeland said. “It’s hard on your body to get down and do that over and over. When a customer tells us that our product made their work faster or helped save their knees or back, it’s a great feeling.”

Birkeland will exhibit Power Bench at EAA AirVenture from July 24-August 1. Stop by Fly Market booth 778 for product demonstrations, an up-close look at the product, and a chance to talk with Birkeland about Power Bench. For more information, visit or call 1-866-299-2371.

Clint Birkeland