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Sensenich Announces New Ground-Adjustable Composite Prop for RVs

July 16, 2010; Plant City, Florida: The testing is complete. The prop is ready.
Building on the success of their composite adjustable propellers that are so popular in the LSA world on the Rotax, Jabiru, and TCM O-200 engines,
Sensenich Propellers have announced the adjustable, pin-indexed composite solution for many Lycoming-engine RV builders and owners.
The 72” two-blade prop incorporates patent-pending design features in the lightweight hollow-blade “I-beam” construction; and props are available complete with Sensenich’s co-cured metal erosion shield and available pre-fitted, pre-drilled, well-balanced spinners.
Sensenich pin-indexing allows precisely-matched, simple, repeatable blade positioning, with alignment of both blades assured.
The new propellers will be displayed for the first time at AirVenture Oshkosh,
in Exhibitor Booth 4145-47 (in Hangar D).


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Sensenich manufactures and supports propellers for certified, experimental, and Light Sport aircraft; and for airboats, UAVs, and specialty applications. Wood, metal, composite and composite-adjustable props: Sensenich supports aircraft from pre-WWII through today.