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AnywhereMap ATC - Gorgeous Color Portable GPS

Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ) and Control Vision, Inc. have teamed up to provide Anywhere Map’s industry-leading capabilities in a truly new stand-alone integrated portable GPS device that’s equally useful in the air or on the ground.

“It’s the best screen in the business, and we’ve made it capable and simple, right out of the box,” said Control Vision President and CEO Jay Humbard. The new ATC (Anywhere Travel Companion) is a touch-screen stand-alone nav system that ‘operates as easily as an iPhone® and looks as good as a computer monitor.’”

Not only does the ATC’s 4.3” ultra high-definition 800 x 480 screen give the best view ever in handheld devices, it’s touch-screen operated, with big buttons; and unlike many such products, there is nothing to load, nothing to initialize, no “internal computer” to operate – just turn it on and fly!

The ATC is convenient and capable, including among its talents the patented “cones of safety” glide calculator, high resolution terrain, and obstacle and terrain warnings. Options include XM Weather and Pocket Plates® approach plates that provide the features and safety margin available on modern panel-mounted units, and then some. “By pilots, for pilots,” defines the eight years of intensive development that have resulted in the most intuitive navigation system that ever went into an airplane.

It’s totally portable, so on the ground, switch over to the built-in StreetNav, Sanyo’s top-rated GPS street navigator that boasts one of the best databases ever, including awesome 3-D views of landmark buildings. There is no external antenna or wiring. It’s truly all-in-one, truly convenient; and it comes standard with a versatile yoke / car mount.

An obvious comparison would be to the “new 495,” which has a significantly smaller screen, roughly half the resolution, a higher price, and which doesn’t even ship with street-mapping software. On the Garmin, XM weather isn’t available at any price. And calling the two-year-old, stripped-down 496 a “new” 495 just doesn’t add up, compared to the ATC’s really new architecture, screen, resolution, software, features and options, and operation – and better price!

All ATC systems come with software preloaded in non-volatile memory, street mapping,™ Fuel Finder, Taxi Express™, StreetNav®, and a host of emergency features. Also standard are the yoke and car mounts and a 12/24V power supply. A full year of database updates is included; further updating is convenient, over the internet.

The Anywhere Map Travel Companion is premiering Sun ’n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, April 8-13, at a show special price of $695*. Adding XM Weather and Pocket Plates (US FAR Part 97 approach plates) brings the fully-loaded total to $1695*.

Buyers at the show who opt for the XMWx service will receive their units pre-activated. (The ATC comes in two hardware configurations: with or without XM; the basic version can later receive the hardware upgrade (user-installable dedicated radio) to receive XM, and PocketPlates may be added online to either hardware version at any time.)

*Prices quoted here include a $200 introductory discount. Subscriptions for some services may be required.

See the ATC at Control Vision’s space at Sun ‘n Fun: indoors at Booth A-011 / A-012.

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