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The Nonprofit Girls With Wings Organization

We’d like to tell you about our booth at Oshkosh for Girls With Wings, Inc., a nonprofit organization encouraging more girls to have an interest in aviation. We are going to be focusing on letting people know about our new children’s book, Penelope Pilot and her First Day as Captain, a full color hardback edition for 5-11 year olds illustrating how Penelope uses teamwork to get her crew ready for their flight. Proceeds from the sales of this book and our other merchandise, such t-shirts with our always popular, Yes, Girls Can Fly! and It’s not how tall you are, it’s how high you fly! slogans go toward our public outreach activities such as our presentations to girls’ groups, an interactive website and our scholarships for private pilot lessons. We are also currently accepting applications for this year’s two $1000 awards. Please visit for more information.
Lynda Meeks
Executive Director for Girls With Wings, Inc.
Girls need Flight Plans, Not Fairy Tales!™