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Part 141 Approved Online Ground School

Gleim has expanded its online training library with the addition of Part 141 Online Ground School curricula for the Sport Pilot Certificate and the Instrument Rating. These courses are in addition to the widely used Part 141 Online Ground School for Private Pilots; the first ever FAA-approved Online Part 141 program.

The Gleim 141 Approved Online Ground School is overseen directly by the FAA to ensure the highest quality of instruction. These courses are led by the Gleim Chief Instructor and are particularly useful for students who desire a "classroom-style" experience without having to leave home. Once users complete all course requirements, they are provided with a knowledge test endorsement that allow them to take their FAA knowledge test.

These courses use the sophisticated Gleim Knowledge Transfer System to ensure that users master all of the information needed to be competent, safe pilots and to pass the required knowledge tests with confidence. In addition, each study unit contains an engaging audiovisual presentation to ensure ease of understanding. Course practice tests emulate the actual knowledge test as presented by both national testing centers.

“Our Online Ground Schools have benefited over 14,000 users in the past seven years,” says Gleim President Dr. Irvin N. Gleim, “and with the addition of these interactive Part 141 approved courses, we hope to train the next generation of pilots in an easy, cost-effective manner.”

Each course is available for purchase at $124.95 for 12 months of access with real-time updates. Visit for more information.

For more information, contact Gleim Publications', Nathan McLaughlin, Aviation Training Consultant at or (800) 874-5346, ext. 241. Visit Gleim Publications online at