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Gleim Flight Instructor Refresher Course Updated and Re-certified

Gainesville, FL – Gleim Publications, a pioneering leader in the field of aviation education, has announced that the FAA has re-certified its Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) for another two years. Gleim was the first to introduce an FAA-approved online FIRC. It continues to set the standard as an online educational resource and re-certification tool that is familiar to CFI's the world over.

“Flight instructors play an integral part in the aviation community,” says company president and CFII Dr. Irvin Gleim. “and with our FIRC being re-certified, we are able to help CFI's to continue doing what they love – teaching others to fly.”

Known for their signature bright red covered books and revolutionary online courses, Gleim has been dedicated to expanding and promoting aviation for four decades.

The newly updated FIRC uses the proven success of the Gleim Knowledge Transfer System to reduce training time, cost, and frustration. Because Gleim users work with a single study unit at a time from the convenient comfort of their home, office, or vacation destination, they are relieved of the need to travel long distances to personally attend two-day seminars. In fact, the Gleim FIRC was specifically designed to offer an FAA-approved renewal program to flight instructors whose busy schedules prevent them from renewing their certificates by using a process that requires in-person attendance during specific dates and times.

More than 5,000 flight instructors graduate from the Gleim Flight Instructor Refresher Course each year, and the bulk of those users take advantage of the convenient Airman Certificate Renewal (ACR) processing service offered by the company. This additional service allows flight instructors to complete the renewal process without the need to make appointments and personally travel to their nearest FAA FSDO to process their renewals. ACR processing allows Gleim to process renewal requests and issue temporary certificates to FIRC graduates directly. The FAA then follows up by sending each graduate his or her permanent certificate.

To preview the newly updated FIRC, Gleim is providing visitors with access to demo Study Unit 1 at no cost. Gleim is also providing CFI's with access to a free lesson that satisfies the TSA's Flight School Security Awareness Training requirement.

For more information, contact Gleim Publications', Nathan McLaughlin, Aviation Training Consultant at or (800) 874-5346, ext. 241. Visit Gleim Publications online at