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Introducing Integrated Back-up Battery System. The engineered solution to back-up power.

Integrated Back-up Battery System (IBBS)

TCW Technologies, LLC. is proud to announce the introduction of an important new product to the homebuilt aircraft market. The Integrated Back-up Battery System (IBBS) is a self-contained system that provides back-up power for critical electrical equipment installed in today’s high-tech aircraft. The IBBS product provides, in a single enclosure; a re-chargeable battery, a smart charging system and an automatic transfer switch that provides conditioned back-up power to systems such as EFIS, GPS, Autopilots, and Electronic Ignition systems. The IBBS product provides over an hour of back-up run time for typical EFIS or GPS systems, and additionally allows for critical systems to be fully operational before and during engine cranking.

The IBBS product provides the homebuilt aircraft builder a pre-engineered solution to back-up power requirements in a simple, easy to install package. No other contactors, relays, diodes or other field assembled components are required to satisfy the need for back-up power in today’s electrically dependent aircraft.

The IBBS system provides 4 amp-hours of endurance in a pre-packaged enclosure weighing only 2.5 lbs. This system saves more than ½ the weight of a comparable lead-acid battery solution.

The IBBS product is available for immediate shipment via our web site and our distributors.