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MediCruiser / Haiti MediFlight

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A Cessna 210 Centurion has been donated for medical use in Haiti, on display at Booth #333.

The book Health for Pilots, is free to contributors and will be signed by the author.

After the devastating earthquake this year, Haiti still has over 1.5 million homeless and living in tents with little medical care. Most of the international relief organizations are based in the capital city, Port-au-Prince. The greatest crisis now is rural health care – which causes even greater problems in the city as people go there in desperation.

Haiti MediFlight provides a solution by bringing medicines, vaccines, and surgical supplies to rural clinics. While international news focuses on big operations, it is the small services such as Haiti MediFlight that provide the care in rural villages – in a homegrown, sustainable way that is a long-term, cost-effective solution.

The Cessna Centurion is a high-performance aircraft that can haul heavy loads to rough fields, landing with a ground roll of just 500 feet. The airplane is popular throughout the world, from remote Alaska to outback Australia. It is not only a heavy hauler, but fast too. The turbo-charged MediFlight with built-in oxygen cruises over 200 mph – making the door-to-door trip between Haiti and Florida in less time than the airlines.

Haiti has 14 airports and countless small dirt airstrips. Currently, it takes Haiti doctors 17 hours or more to drive to a village clinic. With MediFlight, the same trip will be less than a half hour. The airplane will be used to deliver medications, vaccines, surgical instruments and other supplies. It can also be used to transport critically ill patients to the hospital or to Miami. The Haiti MediFlight service will provide local health care and reassurance to rural populations, reducing the inflow of people to the cities.

Health for Pilots, the foremost book on aviation health, has detailed advice on everything from passing your FAA physical to treating a sore butt on long flights. Author Paul Gahlinger, M.D., Ph.D., Senior AME, and consultant to NASA, will be at the Haiti MediFlight exhibit to sign copies and answer questions. Sagebrush Press has contributed copies to be given out.

Want your name painted on an airplane? The Haiti MediFlight airplane is being repainted and will include contributors’ names permanently laminated on the wings. Each contribution is tax-deductable, and each contributor will receive a free signed copy of Dr. Gahlinger’s book.

For more information, please call Cyndee Ludington, or visit our Booth #333.