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PC-Based Glass cockpits

Levil is now introducing THE brightest PC-based Touch-Screen EFIS. Designed for the homebuilt and light-sport aircraft looking for an all-in-one system, the EFIS-1831 fills in the technology gap experienced by pilots when integrating a PC into their cockpit.
This innovative and affordable system is sun-readable, vibration resistant, heat-resistant and has multiple inputs for external hardware integration such as AHRS, Engine Monitoring, Weather, traffic avoidance, external monitors, multimedia applications and much more!
EFIS-1831 also opens the door to hundreds of software applications, such as satellite images of destination airport with Google Earth, Weather/Flight planning with DUATS, and numerous GPS navigation software developed just for PC users to offer a safe, more enjoyable flying experience.
A Jet-like glass cockpit is now an option… for a fraction of the price.