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The Best Handheld GPS System is Now Free*

In celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of Anywhere Map™, Control Vision is giving away ten new Quadra™ systems. (For those who already have a Quadra, awards of an EFB upgrade or a combo Lifetime Anywhere Map with fuel prices subscription are offered.)
The Quadra features a 4.3" true high-definition display with four times the detail of “other” 4.3-inch aviation GPS units. Aviation navigation and street mapping are built right in, and features like geo-referenced taxiways, 180 meter terrain, and obstacle awareness are standard features.
Everything you need is included: turn it on, and it works right out of the box. Adding features like XM Weather, sectional charts and approach plates can be done anytime. Further, the Quadra’s MaxNAV™ technology makes the traditional boundaries of the original Sectional charts unnecessary. (Individual chart tiles are each stamped with an expiration date; a simple online process automatically keeps the map tiles current and up-to-date.)
Once you’ve flown to your destination, you can take the compact, self-contained display unit with you and enjoy superb 3D street mapping in your car. The system comes with both a car mount AND a full yoke mount.
*Here’s the “free” part: Control Vision is running this giveaway on line. The address for the giveaway is; and to learn more about the incredible Quadra system, including comparisons to less-capable, higher-priced units, have a look:

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