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Lancair Looks to the Future with New Financial Strength, Management Team

Cites Future Growth, Enhanced Customer Service and Focus on Evolution Turboprop
Redmond OR; 7.1.10 – Mr. Gene Wolstenholme, the new majority owner and Chairman of LCTI/Lancair International, today announced the injection of new operating capital and a new management team at aircraft manufacturer Lancair International. “We are focused on the future,” said Wolstenholme, “We have a world-class product in our 320 knot, $1.2 million Evolution owner-built aircraft. With five aircraft flying, and 24 customer orders, we’re off to a great start and we are going to focus on pushing through this down-economy and getting our incredible airplane to market.”
In announcing the new ownership, Mr. Wolstenholme also announced new company leadership. Mr. Wolstenholme will be LCTI/Lancair International Chairman, and Robert Wolstenholme was named President & CEO of LCTI/Lancair International. “I have been associated with Lancair aircraft since 1990. Flying is, and has always been my passion and this new partnership is a chance to bring our proven management skills together with Lancair’s high performance products with a focus on customer satisfaction.”
Bob comes from an extensive background in manufacturing. Wolstenholme Machine located in Colmar, PA, specializes in precision parts for the medical, aerospace, and telecommunication industries. Subsidiary WMrobots designs and builds robots for bomb disposal and mine detectors for the US and Canadian markets. Bob built and flies his own award winning Lancair IVP. As President & CEO, Bob Wolstenholme will oversee all business & management functions of LCTI/Lancair International.
Tom Bowen, whose General Aviation management and engineering experience spans 3 decades, will continue to head company operations management and is the principal spokesman for the company. He said, “This is a real win for general aviation and Lancair customers. But it is an even a bigger win for Lancair employees, their families, and the communities of Redmond and Bend, Oregon. It is no secret that the Central Oregon area continues to suffer through double digit unemployment, and this once vibrant aerospace manufacturing center has also suffered with the failures of Epic and Columbia. I am determined to do everything I can to maintain Lancair as a world-class company and to grow it into the future as we continue to design, build and service premium aircraft."
Joe Bartels, CEO of LCTI/Lancair International, since 2003, resigned as President and CEO according to the terms of a June 7, 2010, investment agreement, and will remain a minority percentage owner of LCTI/Lancair International. “Joe did a great job overseeing development of the Evolution aircraft,” said Bob Wolstenholme, “and we now need to move ahead and expand the manufacturing infrastructure and training programs to support the Evolution product line.”
For further information contact Tom Bowen at (541) 923-2244 X136 or

Lancair International is an Oregon Corporation and a leader in composite technology and aircraft design. Lancair International actively markets the advanced, 4-place Evolution, and the 2-place retractable and fixed-gear Legacy aircraft and supports a host of high-performance Lancair International kit aircraft models.

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Lancair International Inc, founded in 1984, is celebrating its 26th year selling the world’s most successful high performance piston and turbine kit aircraft. To date, the company has delivered over 2,000 kits. As testimony to their quality and design, Lancair aircraft have set a number of world speed records and have dominated the Sports Class at the Reno Air Races for several years. For more information on Lancair International Inc., visit or call (541) 923-2244.