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MGL Avionics XTreme mini EFIS Launched

Torrance, CA, June 11, 2010 - After several years of development MGL Avionics is pleased to announce the launch of the XTreme mini EFIS.

The XTreme is a functional primary flight display (PFD), engine monitor, fuel computer and basic GPS built into a slick and compact package. It mounts in a standard round 3 1/8" hole (offset) and boasts a bright 4.3" diagonal sunlight readable display (the same size and resolution as the popular Garmin aera and BendixKing Av8or GPSs).

The XTreme can be used as a PFD or PFD/Engine monitor, depending on the application. It can be used as primary instrumentation or as a backup gauge to a large EFIS. The XTreme includes a built-in GPS that is used for Ground Speed, Range Calculations and as a backup/control to the AHRS and will soon include a basic GPS Navigator via a free software update. Direct To, and Basic Route navigation will be supported (no moving map). Also, full 2-axis autopilot functionality will be included in a free software update later this year (just add MGL Avionics CAN Servos at $1,000 each).

The basic unit has been introduced at a special price of $1,000, and includes the built-in GPS and antenna. To add a full AHRS package, another $1,260 is required. Without the attitude sensor the XTreme will still display a GPS-derived bank angle (no pitch information), so it can be used without AHRS sensors if necessary. If engine monitoring is required, an RDAC (Remote Data Acquisition Computer) must be added (starting at $160) and also a full complement of engine and fuel sensors.

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MGL Avionics’ mission is to provide top-performing flight instrumentation at all levels at affordable prices for the Experimental and LSA markets, with the express aim of helping to lower the overall cost of aircraft ownership and private flight. MGL Avionics have sold tens of thousands of instruments since 2001. The current product line includes large and small screen EFISs, a full range of both 2 1/4" and 3 1/8" digital flight and engine instruments and aviation VHF radios.