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Lancair Evolution: First Flight!

Lancair International, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to its line of high performance aircraft kits the Evolution, has achieved first flight.
The Evolution aircraft kit is the result of 3.5 years of engineering, research and development at Lancair to produce a more spacious aircraft that will meet all flight handling characteristics required by FAA Part 23, including a 61 knot stall speed, while maintaining the Lancair tradition of extraordinary high performance.
In addition, the Evolution provides a new level of safety to the experimental kit market by providing the BRS® parachute system, Energy absorbing seats, and the AmSafe Aviation® airbag seat belts for those customers who demand the latest in occupant safety!
The Evolution is powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A, which produces true airspeeds in excess of 385 mph, when coupled to the Hartzell four blade propeller, while consuming only 39 gallons of Jet A per hour.
The Evolution has a current empty prototype weight of 2,130 pounds, and an estimated completed flying weight of 2,300 pounds with paint and interior.
The Evolution aircraft can carry 146 gallons of Jet A, and still have a 1,000 pound payload after full fuel.
The Evolution is available with either a Chelton SV Pro 6 or Garmin G-900X EFIS equipped instrument panel as provided by Lancair Avionics.
Independent test pilot Len Fox, who’s conducting initial flight evaluations called it “a successful first flight.”

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Lancair International, Inc., founded in 1984, is celebrating its 24th year in business selling the world’s most successful high performance piston and turbine powered aircraft kits. Lancair, in addition to the Evolution, continues to produce the Lancair Legacy FG, Legacy RG, Lancair ES, Lancair ES-P, Lancair IV and Lancair IV-P. Lancair has produced and delivered over 2,000 kits since its inception and enjoys numerous world speed records from such events as the Reno Air Races. For more information on the Evolution and Lancair International, Inc., visit our website at or call 541-923-2244