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James Ketchellis now enroute to the first everworld circumnavigationin a Gyrocopter.
Trig supports James Ketchellon his global Gyrocopter flight British serial adventurer. His flight is supported by TrigAvionics,who manufacture compact avionics equipment for the general aviation market.
James’s Magni Gyrocopter is equipped with a Trig TT22 transponder, TN72 GPS position source, and TY91 VHF compact radio. These products are certified to ICAO aviation standards and meet inte... Read More
New Schweiss container doors open up storage possibilities
Shipping and commercial containers come in many forms and sizes, but many don’t have door accessibility. Even dealing with conventional containers with a door located at the end can be a hassle. Now Schweiss Doors can make any container, whether it be for backyard storage, rail or ship transport, much more user-friendly by fitting it with one or more hydraulic doors on the sides or both ends fo...... Read More
Schweiss Doors introduces new hydraulic door wind pin
Structural design of Schweiss hydraulic doors includes the application of wind pins. Wind pins lock the door to the building structure similar to the bolt in a standard door lock and are an integral structural link between the door and the building to resist negative wind loads.
Until now, locking in wind pins was a manual operation — you had to walk back to the center of the door and man... Read More
Lancair’s new 2-seat Barracuda displayed at Florida’s Sun ‘N’ Fun 2019
Lakeland, FL – April 5, 2019: The latest aircraft innovation from Lancair is the Barracuda - a 2-seat “little brother” to the groundbreaking Mako. The first Barracuda, N380L, built by first-time Lancair builder Wade Marcantonio, is now on display at Lancair's Sun N Fun exhibit #MD-23B.
“Establishing a new standard for value, Barracuda offers high performance, operational economy and Lancair’... Read More
Honda Features Professional Selfie Booth, Celebrities, Prizes at Sun ‘n Fun
Honda Power Equipment (across from the Sunset Grill) invites you to take a “pro-look” selfie, complete with adventure backdrops and props.
Meet the AeroShell Aerobatic Team and other aviation celebrities, win prizes, and see Honda’s lineup of efficient, lightweight, quiet, and reliable generators at Sun ‘n Fun!...... Read More
Schweiss Doors introduces nw wrap-around hinges with grease zerks
Schweiss doorframes are designed with triple push tubes that are tied directly into our robust wrap-around hinges that connect each vertical push tube directly to the header tube. This user-friendly, heavy-duty greaseable hydraulic door hinge has a removable hinge pin.
The new design, with grease zerks on every hinge, lets hydraulic and bifold door users grease their hinges from the unders... Read More
New Bifold door Strap Latch design eliminates cables and pulleys
Schweiss Doors new Strap Latch design for Bifold doors is unlike other latching and locking mechanisms on the market. The new design will securely hold the door against your building in all positions; securing the door when partially open, and it will positively lock the door when closed. It will even help secure the door from wind gusts when the door is open, closed, or in any position as th...... Read More
New Super-Fast Schweiss Splice Connections
Schweiss Doors is proud to announce the invention of its “New” hydraulic door Splice Connection system. Schweiss engineers came up with this one-of-a-kind Splice Connection that allows the doors to be broken down for shipping and easily assembled at a fraction of the cost.
The highly engineered, patent pending, Splice Connection allows the installer to easily slide both hydraulic door sec... Read More
Schweiss offers remote-operated hydraulic door battery backup system
Schweiss Hydraulic Doors can now be opened or closed during an unexpected power outage with a DC Battery-Motorized back-up control system. All you have to do is simply press “Up,” and your hydraulic door opens. They are also engineered with a no extra cost drill-driven backup system that uses a screw gun 7/16” socket hex head, and hydraulic tractor fittings come standard with each Schweiss Re...... Read More
Schweiss Liftstrap conversion kit is available for your tired old hangar door
One of the most frequent requests that Schweiss Doors receives is to convert other door manufacturers outdated cable lift systems to a Schweiss Bifold liftstrap retrofit conversion.
Schweiss Doors has been selling many strap conversions for those who want to modernize their bifold doors and we provide an easy to understand do-it-yourself instruction kit for installation; or in some cases ... Read More

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